Senior BOTC Profiles

The most anticipated event of the school year at Freehold Township High School is rapidly approaching! The senior team for this year’s Battle of the Classes is excited to be back after two years without this exhilarating competition. The roster for this year is Herman Colbert, Hunter Torre, Matt Carney, Michael Borromeo, Andrew Foti, Bobby O’Brien, Giancarlo Pantano, Emannuella Halkias, Gianna Dembski, Kelsey Gilroy, Madeline Montague, Taylor Stern, Lila Williams, and Dana Williams. I spoke with a few of the members of the team to gain insight into this year’s team and their outlook on the event. Read the interviews below to find out more about the Class of 2022 team.


Bobby O’Brien
Herman Colbert
Michael Borromeo
Madeline Montague
Kelsey Gilroy
Emanuella Halkias
Taylor Stern

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