Josh Hocheiser

Josh Hocheiser is a senior at Freehold Township High School. He has just committed to Skidmore College to continue his soccer career. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Josh and asking him a few questions!


Why did you choose Skidmore?

– I’ve always wanted to play in college since I was a kid and I had a couple offers. Skidmore gave me the best of both worlds academically and athletically. It’s not too far from home, so I thought it was the right fit.


What’s your favorite memory playing for Township?

– We were very successful in my years playing for Township so it is hard to pick one, but I’d say the Group 4 semi -inals this year when I hit the game winning panenka. The only thing I regret was that the celebration was kinda lame if I just stayed in the spot and stood there it would’ve been so cold but that goal was still sick. I am going to remember that forever.


What is your daily routine in terms of pushing yourself and getting in the groove?

– For school I wake up and put myself out there. I try my best and I get what I get and I don’t get upset. With soccer I have to try a little harder, but I just go to my team and individual practices and I just try to have fun.


What advice do you have for those looking to play in college?

– If you want it you can go get it. Reach out to coaches, get highlights, and then it’s all up to you. Do good in school and you should be all set to play in college.


Who is your biggest role model?

– I would have to say my biggest role model is my friend Dan Gendy (Gendy Gamer). He just displays this confidence that I strive to get to one day. So, he is easily my number one role model.


Who is your biggest role model at Township?

– My biggest role model at Township or who left has to be Coach Mehl. He was my coach for the last three years; [a] great guy and great teacher. I think that everyone looks up to Mehl. Honestly just as a person not even as a coach or teacher he is just a great guy.


How did you get into playing the sports you play today?

– With soccer, I have been playing since I was young and that was always the sport that I was good at. Right now I am playing rec basketball and I am not that good. The other sports I am below average but soccer was my best one so I just trained hard and that’s where I am now. Bowling, I am quite the bowler. I started bowling last year because Mehl was the coach and I wanted to have another season with him and it was just a great time every day at the bowling alley with him and some of the boys on the team. I would also like to mention that out of the last 6 times I have bowled against my teammate Christian Pollio (CBowls), I have beaten him 4 out of the 6 times.


Do you ever get tired of playing soccer?

– No, I have always loved playing soccer. I was at a dull point during the summer, but then I found the love back for it and started playing again and I fell in love with playing again.

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