BotC: Freshman Profile

It’s the most anticipated time of year, once again, at Freehold Township: Battle of the Classes. As the four teams practice and prepare nonstop, the student body is getting excited and ready to support their class. If they choose to attend, students will watch their fellow classmates compete in multiple events and perform their memorable dances. What will the outcome be this year?

The Freshman Team will be testing the waters of BOTC, and this is their chance to prove themselves. Every year, the team’s likeliness of winning is slim; however, if they have the teamwork, persistence, and keep their focus, it may be just enough to score big.

The Freshman Team consists of fourteen members: Julia Avivi, Camryn Bartone, Logan Feldman, Peyton Liebross, Sophia Monteforte, Paige Soskel, Julia Wallace, Nick Benjamino, Jacob Butler, Kyle Chalfin, Blake David, Jack Goldsmith, Chris Nasso, and Jacob Nastarowicz.

The Patriot Press was able to speak to some of the members of the team about their overall experience and thoughts; specifically, we spoke to Julia Avivi, Peyton Liebross, Logan Feldman, and Sophia Monteforte.


What made you want to be a part of BOTC?

Julia Avivi: My siblings were all in it, and they made it seem very fun, so I wanted to be a part of it

Peyton Liebross: It looked very fun and I had always watched videos from previous years. This made me really want to do it.

Logan Feldman: I wanted to start off the school year feeling very involved and I have heard that BOTC is the experience of a lifetime, so I wanted to be a part of that.

Sophia Monteforte: I wanted to be a part of BOTC because I heard many good things about the activity.


How did it feel to get chosen for BOTC?

Julia Avivi: It felt very good to be chosen by all my classmates.

Peyton Liebross: It felt really amazing. I didn’t expect it.

Logan Feldman: It was the most amazing feeling ever. I wasn;t expecting it so when I found out, I literally had the chills.

Sophia Monteforte: I felt very happy and accomplished because I really wanted to be accepted.


What event are you looking forward to most? Why?

Julia Avivi: I am looking forward to the dance because I love dancing and doing skits.

Peyton Liebross: I am looking forward to the dance because I love dancing and our skits are funny.

Logan Feldman: The lip-sync dance. We worked really hard on it and put together our best ideas.

Sophia Monteforte: The dance we created because we worked really hard on it as a group.


Do you think your team is well constructed? Why?

Julia Avivi: I think we are because we’ve all contributed to helping our team become successful.

Peyton Liebross: Definitely. We work well together and we are all super creative and helpful towards each other.

Logan Feldman: Yes! We have an amazing team filled with outgoing and energetic kids. We all bond so well and have become so close.

Sophia Monteforte: Yes I do because we all devote a lot of our time to practicing. The whole team also gets along really well.


Do you think your team has what it takes to win? Why?

Julia Avivi: I think we do because we have spent a lot of time practicing.

Peyton Liebross: Yes. We have been practicing and working hard.

Logan Feldman: Yes, we have been practicing a lot and we are working very hard.

Sophia Monteforte: Yes because we have really creative ideas in our dance.


Will you participate in BOTC next year?

Julia Avivi: Yes.

Peyton Liebross: Absolutely.

Logan Feldman: Yes!

Sophia Monteforte: Yes. I will apply again because I love the experience and I hope I get in.

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