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Nick Lundberg, XC and Track & Field at Fordham

Nick Lundberg, XC and Track & Field at Fordham

Name: Nick Lundberg

Sport: Cross Country and Track & Field

College: Fordham University in Bronx, NY


Why did you choose this school?

Fordham is a great academic school that provides students with great opportunity.  As for running, it’s a great program that has a highly talented incoming freshman class. It seems to me that the coach believes in me and wanted me to be a part of his program for the next four years.


What are you most looking forward to about playing in college?

I’m looking forward to the “new start.” Entering next year, I’m just going to be another freshman looking to make a name for himself. I’m excited to work towards making a good name for myself, as it’s something I was able to successfully do in high school. I’m also excited to race new teams and new competition. Being a senior, I now know teams inside and out.


What will you miss most about playing at FTHS?

I’ll miss my teammates and coaches the most once I graduate.  After spending three hours a day with the same people, you form unforgettable bonds. Now that we are all seniors, we’ll be attending schools around the country. As for my coaches, they’ve grown to know not only the runner I am and what I need to do to succeed, but also the person I am.


If you had to pick ONE favorite memory of playing at FTHS, what would it be?

The first memory that pops in my head is what my teammates and I call the “penguin slide.” One day at practice, my friend pushed me on a run and with my arms fully extended, I slid about ten feet on my stomach. As for achievements, senior year XC M.O.C. was my best race, where I accomplished my goals of sub-16:00 at Holmdel and tops in the state.


Anything else you’d like the world to know?

I give my all to the sport of running, and I plan on continuing my college career with that same mentality. Just because it’s officially official that I’m running at Fordham for the next four years, it doesn’t mean that I will give any less effort in my last season of high school.

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