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Nick Lundberg (Cross Country)

Nick Lundberg (Cross Country)

What grade are you in?

I am a Senior.


How long have you been running?

I ran my first race when I was 4 years old.


What distances do you run?

When it comes to running there is short distance and long distance and I am definitely more fit for long distances.


How did you start running competitively and what age were you?

I was 4 years old and


Have you ran any other distances?

Yeah, once in awhile I will run other distances like the 400 but when I want to run shorter distances I go for the 1600 and the 3200. But I am more comfortable with the longer distances for sure.


Do you want to play in college and or, do you know what school you’re attending?

I definitely want to run in college and as far as the school I have narrowed it down to American, Iona, and Fordham.


Do you play any other sports?

I played baseball, I started in 5th grade and went to 8th grade, but I started High School and I started summer runs. I realised  from then, that I wanted to continue running more seriously.


Do you run of school?

I used to run outside of school and I was on a team, but by High School I stopped and only focused on the cross country team here.


Do you like running in school or outside of school better?

I definitely like running in school better because it is great competition and we are a very close knit group of guys on the team.


What was the hardest thing to learn about the sport?

I would say consistency was the hardest thing to learn, not necessarily pacing myself but getting my runs in every day and practicing daily to improve.


What is your favorite thing about the sport?

I would say that my favorite thing about running is that it is an individual sport but it also has team aspects so if I do good it gives my team a better chance to advance.


What was your greatest achievement in the sport?

I would say that the two greatest achievements were when i won the County Championships and when I made it to the Group Championships, individually, in my sophomore year.


What was the greatest moment you had during the season?

It would definitely be those two races, the County Championships and the Group Championship.


How do you stay in shape?

Well, as a group we run 8-10 miles a day at a good pace, and while I do not completely watch what I eat as much as I should, I am always conscious about what I am putting into my body. I also do some working out and exercising outside of school.


Is it hard for you to balance school and the sport?

Well, now going to practice after school is my routine so I have that in my schedule now. To be honest when I go home after school with no practice it feels weird and it is strange, so it is no my routine and what I do every day.


Do you ever think about going pro?

At one point it ran through my head, but not any more. I will run in college and who knows what will come after that but as far as now that would be a no.

Do you have any before game superstitions or rituals?

Well, I wear the same pair of socks to race and I use products like Icy Hot as well. These things may not make a difference but at this point I have never raced without it, so why take a chance. I have also been using this cream called Atomic Bomb and I just can’t go a race without it.


How are the season stats so far?

Good, the team just made it to champs. Originally we had high hopes for champs, however things kind of fell apart. Kids got injured and others got sick, but we were able to snag a wild card and move on. So I would say we did well in the end.

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