Pop Poetry: Recollection


Beau Romanowski, Staff Writer

I feel like I have lost the things that make me me

By forgetting the moments to which I was built upon


The moments people remembered of me stopped making sense

The moments I kept to myself were the ones that impacted me the most

But now when it is time to reflect

And there is no one to help me jog my memory

Part of me is lost 


Like a seagull that follows a ship 

Only for the ship to be sunk

And the bird to tire out and drown


To be forgotten by the open water

Only in that situation 

you may have family 

or friends looking for the fallen and the wreckage

But my friends and who I called my family

Over the past 10 years have been different

With every annual like a flower completing its full cycle


There is no one else who remembers

Only me

And I am a bird with wet feathers

Trying desperately to swim to land

But I am only drowned 

within the tidal waves 

of my own continuous thought