Morgan O’Shea talks about ‘Rumors’

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Morgan O’Shea talks about ‘Rumors’

Olivia Lieberman, Staff Writer

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Sophomore Morgan O’Shea is an actress in the upcoming Patriot Productions presentation of Rumors. In this interview, she will discuss the upcoming show.


What is  Rumors?

Rumors is about this man named Charlie and his wife Myra as they celebrate their tenth anniversary. They have all of their friends over, and when Chris and Ken come into the house, they find a bullet hole in his ear. This ties into the conflict that occurs while the couples and guests, (Ken and Chris, Claire and Lenny, Ernie and Cookie, Cassie and Glenn) try to hide the truth of what happened to Charlie.


What is your favorite thing about being in the play?

It’s where I feel most welcome. All of my friends are there, I love hanging out with them and goofing off, it sounds cheesy but it’s really a family. We all have so much fun together.


What is your favorite thing about Rumours?

I really like my character, her name is Cookie, like the food. She is a very funny, crazy, kooky girl. Each character is funny and unique in their own way, and I love working with the cast.


Come see the play on November 1st at 7 pm, November 2nd at 7 pm, and November 3rd at 1pm and 7pm,  and follow the Drama instagram (@dramafths) and twitter (@patriotplayersfths)!

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